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  1. sysdig really is strace plus lsof

    What does that mean, anyway? This morning it meant that I could see helpful internal file table information in the context of syscalls, so I could see more than just the file descriptors shown by strace.

    The problem

    A simple WSGI application which is managed by uWSGI is sitting behind …

  2. Where did that .pod end up? (sysdig)

    So I RTFM yesterday and, not having any OpenSSL muscle memory, spelled it STACKOF in my program just like in the man page. Fail.

    The .pod file was easy enough to fix, but does it format properly? What happens to it and where does it go?

    $ sudo sysdig evt.type …
  3. Network Access in OmniOS on VMWare

    So I installed and rebooted and had no network. WAT? I was utterly clueless initially but quickly found some great clues here.

    Here were the steps to having usable network access:

    • Configure VMWare to use Bridged networking.

      # dladm show-link -o link (displayed e1000g0)
      # ipadm create-if e1000g0
      # ipadm create-addr -T dhcp …

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