About Emptyhammock

Emptyhammock Software and Services LLC is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based company that consults with businesses worldwide to provide software solutions in many different forms, including configuration assistance, resolving problems in existing software, and implementing new applications. Emptyhammock also has software projects of its own, many of them freely available on this site.

Photo of Jeff Trawick

My name is Jeff Trawick, and I'm the owner and consultant. I occasionally work with others in specific skill areas, but in essence Emptyhammock is me. I am best known for my involvement in the Apache Software Foundation.

I have been a software developer since the mid-1980s, and my work has ranged from writing 6502 assembly language for the Commodore 64 to resolving security vulnerabilities in popular web infrastructure software to writing web applications.

I previously enjoyed a long career developing enterprise software for large corporations, and I want to bring my experience in the complete software lifecycle — defining requirements, assisting support staff and end users, and everything in between — to custom and other smaller scale solutions. That certainly doesn't mean recreating large company processes and procedures in other environments, but it does mean keeping in mind the ways that owners of gazillion-dollar software projects try to control costs and quality over decades, and identifying the most critical aspects for your particular project to ensure that it operates reliably and cost effectively for as long as the features are relevant to your business.

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