Experience and Expertise

Expertise isn’t just about knowing different computer languages and frameworks and therefore being able to create software that will reliably serve your needs. It is crucial to have had relevant and meaningful experiences in previous projects, and to have learned valuable lessons from customers and colleagues during those experiences.

As an employee, open source contributor, and consultant, I have served a multitude of customers, from individual users of open source projects to multinational corporations, in engagements that ranged from providing simple advice to solving production problems. In addition to learning many lessons unique to software reliability, I have taken to heart the traits that shape beneficial human interaction in all contexts: honesty, openness, and humility.

Here are some of the more important roles I have held as an employee or contributor to open source projects:

Regarding specific expertise, consider first the technologies used in the bulk of my current work, which I've used successfully across a number of projects:

In support of those more obvious skills, I have years of experience developing and diagnosing problems in web applications, open source and commercial web servers and other networking software, helping me to effectively address many different types of problems or other considerations which can arise with web applications.

Here is a rundown of my experiences in today’s most in-demand areas of IT:




Recent professional development