Busy day…

Over the last couple of days I committed my implementation of Certificate Transparency features for httpd (to trunk). The doc is finally in reasonable shape (here). With any luck, someone will actually try it out and provide feedback before I forget everything.

github/trawick/ct-httpd still has a few useful nuggets. I’ll put up instructions there soon for using the CT features with httpd 2.4.

I’ve been thinking about how to pervert the talks I gave at ApacheCon US 2014 for Budapest in the fall (assuming that I can save up enough quarters for aviation fuel). As part of that I queried the local Python user group for information about how they used Apache httpd to front end Python web apps. Apparently Apache httpd isn’t very popular, except perhaps to keep ancient mod_rewrite-heavy recipes running. nginx has some very accessible documentation in this space, both in the official documentation as well as within the documentation for various Python web-related projects.

I started writing some notes today, possibly as my attempt at documentation, possibly as a rough draft for a future talk. In it I plan to show httpd and nginx recipes side by side, without preferring one over the other. A lot of work remains.