Oh wow, Functional Programming in Scala is over just like that!

On the last assignment of Progfun, I got sidetracked by some assertions in the discussion group about implementation details that weren’t generally true, and hovered very close to the solution for far too long — long enough to start worrying about how I would finish by the deadline and make meaningful progress on some work for hire and catch up on another class that started last week when I was in Germany.

This a.m. after a slight change I decided to submit it to the grader (while at the time some testcases that only served to check someone else’s implementation details were failing), and only a trivial style nit and handling of a simple edge case needed to be fixed. That was quick work to resolve, and now it is all over.

Overall I had one “var” (i.e., one bit of obviously imperative code) across six assignments for a demerit of 0.02 out of 60.00. If only…