Recruiter spam

How can I get a phone call today about an Android development position as well as an e-mail about Hadoop work? I have no experience in either of these.

I can imagine some sort of procedure that takes a list of names and looks for interesting data for those search terms. I can sort of see a connection with Hadoop, as google(“trawick hadoop”) shows a few interesting hits:

  • From a conference schedule, where a Hadoop talk is listed after mine:

    Jeff Trawick. Big Data. Hadoop
  • From an server-status page:

    .. GET /dist/hadoop/common/hadoop-0.20.2/hadoop-0.20.2/src/docs/cn .....,, GET /~trawick/apache-2-on-os390.html HTTP/1.0 ...
  • Does this make it appear that I’m a Hadoop developer?

    hive/trunk/common/src/java/org/apache/hadoop - SVNSearch 08.08.2012 21:37:27, by trawick. grab r1370907 from trunk: ... M /hadoop/common/branches/branch-2/hadoop-hdfs-project/had

and a bunch of less interesting pages totaling 19,500.

I didn’t see anything interesting at the top of google(“trawick android”).

google(“trawick resume keyword“) and google(“trawick experience keyword“) yield only a few hits.

I guess the contacts were purely to rifle through *my* contacts. I know I shouldn’t take it so seriously, but I respect the problem they’re trying to solve. I have lost hope that this simple message would help avoid wasting the time of busy people, not just myself.