Slow and steady wins the race

Driving on the Beltline this a.m., cars passing quickly to my left, I’m determined to keep it at the speed limit instead of five over. Well before my exit I start slowing down gradually, sure that the Lexus behind me will have a fit. No, Lexus is easing back too. On to Western Blvd., slowing slightly to avoid tailgating an Escape climbing gingerly over a hill. Super-patient Lexus remains behind me. Three cars in a row at the speed limit as in a funeral procession. The procession is intact on to Avent Ferry then Centennial. Oh, so that’s why they’re driving as slowly as me — we’re headed to the same place.
(What is all this new talk of hypermileage? I learned early to use the brake and accelerator judiciously in a race to get more MPG.)